Cyber Law in Bangladesh

Cyber Law in Bangladesh

Cyber Law in Bangladesh is an interesting yet evolving sector of Law. But what is it that contemplates the true meaning of Cyber Law? Well, the term Cyber Law derived from its generic term called Cybernetics, which means that this sector of law tend to resolves issues, and legal consequences that are raised in the Internet.

And what makes Cyber Law in Bangladesh even a legal factor, honestly speaking, everything does. With time and generation the virtual world is becoming more familiar than reality, however, even than check and balances for the crimes committed in the virtual world can only be resolved through a practical commission of natural judicial process. Which in turn needs assistance from Cyber Law.

Currently, the realm under which cyber law resides in Bangladesh is the ICT Act 2006 as amended in 2013. Funny but true the Act does not provide any definition as to what is Cyber Law.

One of the most important provisions, probably most controversial as well, is the section 57 of the ICT Act. Basically, the section heavily condemned several online crimes such as defamation, pornography, illicit propaganda against the government or religious belief into one section.

  1. Now this section is very controversial due to its vague nature, which is subject to several different interpretations, hence it’s not specific as to what may constitute an offense under the section.
  2. Recently, amended version of the section in 2013, increased the penalty for violation of the provision from maximum imprisonment of 10 years to 14 years and a minimum of 7 years. Now that’s a heavy penalty imposed for the lenient version of the crime.

In the mist of all these, as of now the section is the ultimate resort for people who are being defamed or aggrieved online. The Act further considers other technical crimes such as hacking and spamming. Nevertheless, its always better to be cautious than ignorant, and irrespective of all the legal jurgons, it is wise to refrain ourselves from commenting or posting materials that may harm others both ethically and from legal point of view. Because You never know you might easily be an offender under Cyber Law.

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