Legal Firm Practice Area in Bangladesh

The versatile practice area of this Legal Firm in Bangladesh gives a perfect combination for an overall solution of any legal problems. Our full serviced legal firm in Bangladesh is keeping up with time in every possible way because we understand that with evolution new and greater aspect of legal matters shall come into perspective.

Our legal firm in Bangladesh also understands that we as a lawyer for our clients owes a duty not just to resolve the current problem but also to help them avoid any legal trouble in future. Therefore, we take our work very professionally which is clearly demonstrated in our versatile legal services. The followings are the list of Services we offer providing a 360-degree legal services.

Legal Firm Practice Area in Bangladesh
Al Amin Rahman | Legal Firm | Property Lawyer in Bangladesh

We have years and years of experience in aiding foreign/local entities to set up their Branch Office, Liaison office or Company in Bangladesh. Starting from acquiring Name Clearance, Drafting MoA & AoA, submitting the application to the Registrar of Joint Stocks, permission from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority, arranging Visas and Work Permit for expatriates, approval of Bangladesh Bank, Opening Bank Accounts of Entity, etc. As we are a full-service law firm our client can get all their services under the one Umbrella which accelerates the work and most significantly the quality of the work gets a better shape.

Our Litigation experts compile with few most prominent lawyers in Bangladesh. Litigation lawyers fill the dual job of being in corporate and court base practices under the realm of Al Amin Rahman & Associates.

Experts are highly experienced in moving the case fast-track. Our expertise lies in all courts of Bangladesh to the Supreme Court Appellate Division.

Our team member consist lawyers who has a long years of experience in litigation fields, as we have a large team we can promptly do the needful requires by the client. It is worth noting that we have a huge rate of success in our previous cases, our clients are very pleased with our services. As an international law firm we have good collaboration with global law firms for these reasons we can assist International clients. As alliance with global organizations, we have access to plenty of resources and an enrich library which includes a huge chunk of latest law books, therefore our research work are informative and updated with recent changes.

As a full-service law firm, having employment law as one of our core practicing areas. Our team comprises of experienced lawyers. As a glimpse of our experiences with regards to dealing employment matters we can say that we have assisted several leading organizations regarding labor law of Bangladesh; for instance, recently we advised and assisted an international organization due to the death of a worker in the working place, appointment issues, termination issues. We also provide auditing facility in order to make sure that all activities are compatible with laws.  As we have an enormous expertise on employment law, we can response regarding any issues of employment law very quickly.

Intellectual property Law is getting a great deal of importance in Bangladesh. People are more serious about securing their intellectual property day by day. Al Amin Rahman & Associates does these job with due care and diligence.

Al Amin Rahman & Associates has the leading immigration lawyer in Bangladesh. We are experienced in providing work permit and visa services for our expatriate clients in a long term basis. The immigration lawyer in Bangladesh has several thinks to look for while processing the visa for the clients. Such as compliance in terms of documents, processing and regular correspondence with the Bangladesh passport offices in Bangladesh. Look for more about the issue, Click Here

Corporate Law is a monster in the ocean of legal practice. It is no longer considered as a specialized sector of law. Because the practice of corporate law has increased marginally to every sector of business. The Corporate Lawyer in Bangladesh by Al Amin Rahman & Associates is engaged with Corporate practice over a decade now. Mergers and Acquisition, share transfer, share subscription and Capital market, etc. are the sectors of corporate law practices that our lawyers are experts.

The growing industry in Bangladesh is attracting a lot of foreign investors. Which means mergers & acquisition of several big companies in Bangladesh through investment is imminent. In the light of the given circumstances, the practice of corporate lawyer in Bangladesh is increasing marginally. Al Amin Rahman & Associates is upto the task to meet the evolutionary corporate practices in Bangladesh, while having the best few corporate lawyers in Bangladesh.

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