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Lay people in our country need legal support with a proper property lawyer in Bangladesh. Such Lawyers are expert in areas of real estate, property development and documentation. That includes matters related to land, plot and apartment buying, selling and mortgage. There are litigations relating to property disputes in all the levels of various Courts where people need a help of property lawyers in Bangladesh. Assistance is also important for registration of deeds and agreements of immovable properties and record searching with the relevant govt. offices.


In real estate business and law, property land vetting and title search are very important. Land or property vetting is generally about scrutinising all relevant documents such as title deed, mutation khatian, land development tax receipt, bia deeds, all other khatians and records of right. Such scrutiny of the documents requires an expert property lawyer in Bangladesh. On the other hand, title search is the process of retrieving documents in order to determine relevant interests and regulations concerning that property.

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Al Amin Rahman and Associates has a team of expert property lawyers in Bangladesh. Moreover, in the case of a prospective purchase, a title search is performed initially to determine whether the seller has a saleable interest in the property. If there is any kind of restriction or allowance pertain to the use of the land which may include real covenants or easements or both.

Furthermore, a title search is also executed in cases where an owner wishes to mortgage his property and the bank requires the owner to insure this transaction. In this regard, land vetting is also conducted by the property lawyer of the Bank.

Procedure in Bangladesh

In our country, in order to purchase land, people should verify the title, possession and transferable ownership of the seller through vetting of the title deed, mutation and all other relevant records of right as well as conduct physical verification in the concerned Sub-Registry Office, AC (Land) Office and Land office. Also, people should be careful as to the content and more specifically about the schedule of the property that is to be written into the registered deed to avoid chances of any sort of complexity in future. In the light of which the need of a property lawyer in Bangladesh as provided by Al Amin Rahman and Associates is necessary.

Property Lawyer in Bangladesh
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Succession Lawyer in Execution of Wills

Transfer of immovable properties through Will is very a common scenario where lay people need assistance. In common view, Will or Testament is a document declaring or containing the intention of the owner of the property as to how and to whom his property is to be disposed of after his/her death. Thus the will only takes effect on the death of the person making it. Also, it can be revoked by the maker, before his death as many times as he wants.

We all know that every person with a sound mind and not being a minor can execute Will subject to compatibility of some conditions and provisions of the applicable laws in Bangladesh. However, what is to be carefully considered is that, apart from some exceptions, there is a percentage as to which a person can execute a Will. According to both Hanafi Law and Shia Law, a Muslim cannot dispose of more than 1/3 of the net assets after allowing for the debts and funeral expenses of the testator. The remaining 2/3 share should be distributed amongst the legal heirs of him. Moreover, he has to obtain the consent of the other heirs for bequeathing that 1/3rd share to the Legatee and if it is not done, the bequest will be invalid. However, a Muslim having no heir can bequeath his entire property if he wants to.

Also, the Will can be affective only through a probate case which is the copy of it certified under the seal of the Court of competent jurisdiction with a grant of administration to the estate of the testator, the person creating the Will.

General people in Bangladesh find the concept of Will and its execution complex for which they fall into different kinds of problems that lead to hassle and involvement to the Court causing loss of both time and money.

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