RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh

RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh

RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has experienced a phenomenal growth in its ready made garment sector, due to with many other factors, the improvement in the RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh plays a vital role. The phenomenal growth in the ready made garment sector in the last decade created many new factories and employment opportunities for Bangladeshi workers. It has created huge earning and employment opportunities for the economic development of Bangladesh. At least 80% of these workers are woman among those who are employed in the garments sector. This ready made garment sector now employs over 50% of Bangladesh’s total industrial workforce. This sector also accounts for 79% of the  total export earning of the country. Bangladesh’s growing trend in the textile and the garments sector has perfectly positioned Bangladesh as a global hub for ready made garment products to the foreign investors.

RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 was enacted with the rapid expansion of the RMG sector with a view to amend and consolidate the laws relating to employment of workers, although there is no separate law for consolidating RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh. This law also covers workers and employers relationship, injury compensation, determining minimum rates of wages, payment of wages, trade union formation, health, safety, industrial dispute settlement, conditions of working etc. From time to time several amendments were also made to make the law more efficient and effective.

There is a recent report from Human Rights Watch which stipulates that, fire and safety factory inspections continued in the garment industry following the agreement between big brands and Bangladesh government arising out of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster. In reaction to the disastrous collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory in April 2013, there was an urgent need to take a step to stop such tragic incident from happening again. As a result the ” Compact for Continuous Improvements in labour Rights and Factory Safety in the Ready-Made Garment and Knitwear Industry in Bangladesh” (Sustainability Compact) was built with a view to achieve short and long term commitments. Three inter-linked pillars were identified.

They are:

1) respect for labour rights;

2) structural integrity of buildings and occupational safety and health; and

3) responsible business conduct.

The government of Bangladesh, European Union (EU), the United States (US), Canada and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) got engaged in this joint initiative in order to promote continuous improvements in labour rights and factory safety in the ready made garment industry in Bangladesh. This joint initiative was initiated with a view to prevent the disastrous tragedy like Rana Plaza from happening ever again.

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